Generation Next Communications Pte Ltd

Generation Next Communications Pte Ltd based in Singapore was incorporated in 2003 and is now one of the leading distributors within the SEA Region for a range of world-renowned mobile phone, IT products and consumer electronics brands.

Genxt manages international operations in 12 countries as distributors for Apple, Dell, HP and HTC with fully staffed offices in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh whilst partnerships in other countries such as Maldives, Mongolia, Pakistan etc are managed skilfully with specific account managers.

We continuously work towards innovating services, leveraging scale within network and operations while constantly exploring opportunities to broaden perspective. Adhering to a culture of integrity and excellence for all of its partners and stakeholders, Genxt is committed to investing more to deliver an unparalleled service to its customers and partners.

Genxt works closely with Network Operators, plus in country distributors to ensure the fullest country wide coverage possible. We also provide its localized staff with international standard trainings in the region to ensure that its customers are served with a superior customer service.

We strongly believed in a customer-oriented sales approach, and that all Genxt staff are trained to listen to customer needs and recommend products to meet their requirement. This quality sets us apart from the conventional push sales drives approach adopted by many distributors. Generation Next strives to build and sustain the confidence of the customer throughout their value added sale and distribution process.

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